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 Our Mission and Vision



IMPACT PSA, Inc. is a nonprofit Los Angeles-based video, film, and multi-media production company founded by accomplished and award-winning film, video, and marketing industry professionals.

IMPACT PSA’s primary mission is using visual media to increase public awareness of Elder Abuse. The organization’s projects include producing and distributing television Public Service Announcements about the various forms, scope, and growing incidences of Elder Abuse; and developing a documentary and TV news magazine.

The organization also offers Production Services for the Nonprofit Sector—producing social awareness films, videos, Web videos, and multi-media presentations on behalf of other non-profit organizations that seek to use visual media to achieve greater impact and long-term positive social change.


  History of the Organization

IMPACT PSA Inc. was founded in 1997 by producer Bonnie Matchinga as a result of her discovering an egregious case of elder abuse taking place in her own neighborhood.

The victims, a ninety-two year old woman suffering with mild dementia and her mentally disabled sixty-three year old daughter, lived alone in a house that had been in their family since 1917. The only home either had ever known, their house was valuable real estate located in a very desirable neighborhood; and both wished to live out their lives there. House rich but cash poor, the vulnerable ladies were easy prey to for an abuser.

The charismatic Minister appeared at a most susceptible point in the ladies' lives. Endearing himself to them with attention and small favors, he methodically gained their trust and then their Durable Powers of Attorney. The women became isolated and totally dependent while he spent money he had taken from a loan against their home. Ultimately he persuaded them to "gift" their house to him, and swiftly relocated them both to a facility. Neither of the women ever understood why or what had happened.

Upon her discovery Bonnie alerted other neighbors; and together they sought assistance within the system. But it soon became evident that there was no real "system" in place to deal with this little cared about type of abuse.

It was months before any authority gave the case attention, let alone offer help for the victims. Sadly, the older woman passed away within six months of being removed from her home. When Bonnie visited, she said didn't understand why she couldn't go home.

Eventually, the case was taken on by the District Attorney's Office. A Superior Court Judge determined during a pre-trial hearing that indeed there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the Minister for Elder Abuse. A trial time was to be set at a later date.

But trial dates were continually being pushed farther away. Months became years until the original Prosecuting Attorney was forced to move to a different division in a structured schedule transfer. The Prosecutor inheriting the case expressed a lack of interest citing difficulty in proving a white-collar crime …especially that of a minister! After delaying for more than another year, the Prosecutor secretly dropped the case without notifying any of us in advance, including the Department of Health Services, which officially had brought the case to the District Attorney's Office.

For Bonnie the careless dismissal of this criminal case underscored an urgent need to increase public awareness of elder abuse. " People just aren't tuned in to look for it." She explains. "Had I, or any of the other neighbors, been alert to early signs of elder abuse, we may have been able to intervene before their home was lost. Because of my film background, I knew the best way to get the word out was through visual media."

IMPACT PSA, Inc. was founded to create and lead this effort.

Note: Years later the case was won in Civil Court. The minister returned the house.



IMPACT PSA Inc. is governed by a creative and committed volunteer board, and is in the process of assembling an Advisory Council.

Board Members

Bonnie K. Matchinga, Founding President
Lynn Lustig, Treasurer
Irene Ribner, Secretary
N. K. McInnis, Jr., Esq.
Cynthia A. Zuzga
  Superior Court Commissioner*
  *Affiliation for purposes of identification only


Bonnie Matchinga

Founder, President, & Executive Producer Bonnie Matchinga

As a member of the Directors Guild of America, Bonnie has been working in varying aspects of the film and television industry for more than twenty-five years. In addition to her current creative work with IMPACT PSA, Inc., she is also the CEO of The House Production Company which produces both commercials and longer form projects for television and the Web.

Prior to migrating to Los Angeles, Bonnie was Vice President and Executive Producer for New Directions Film Co., Inc. in New York where she produced hundreds of television commercials for high profile clients such as The Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, McDonalds and Kimberly Clark among many others. In addition to writing and directing projects produced for IMPACT'S nonprofit clients, Bonnie also writes and directs our media "Campaign Against Elder Abuse" Public Service Announcements. "Who Cares?" which addresses neglect by a caregiver is her latest PSA in that series. The "Play Your Part" PSA's for the internet are under her direction as well.

Based on having seen some of these PSA's, our recent client, the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) requested that Bonnie create and direct a video documentary on the challenging subject of "Making Cities Livable for People of All Ages." The thirteen-minute hi-definition video, was recently completed and has been well received.

Sue Berry

Director of Development & Production

Sue BerrySue has produced countless hours of programming, garnering several industry awards for outstanding commercial, film and video production including several Telly Awards, Videographer Awards, Aurora Awards and Vision Awards.

In addition, Sue has produced and supervised hundreds of hours of television, commercial and corporate video projects, overseeing all aspects from pre-to-post production.

As our Director of Development and Production, Sue is active in all aspects of content development and extends that acumen with her hands on approach to Production. Since joining our team, Sue has produced all of our PSA's and recently co-produced the documentary "Making Cities Livable For People Of All Ages" on behalf of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

As a result of her original idea, Sue is also spearheading "Play Your Part ," a social media production that invites the public to become socially active by "Playing a Part" in an actual Public Service Announcement that will be shown on the Internet. This original production is in recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness.


  How You Can Have an IMPACT

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, IMPACT PSA's funding must come from donations by individuals, foundation grants, and corporate underwriting.

  • Make a Donation to our Annual Fund. If you are not yet a donor, we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to support our projects to increase awareness about Elder Abuse.
  • Help connect us to possible Foundation and Corporate support. Email Bonnie Matchinga.

Please say "Yes!"


IMPACT PSA Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowable by law.